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We have gathered together the forms and documents you need as an employer who pays contributions for employees in Lutheran Super here.

There are also important contact details if you have any questions, and links to enable you to pay super contributions for your employees.

Important contacts

You can contact us at:

The Fund Administrator
Lutheran Super
c/- GPO Box 4303

Phone: 1300 721 408
Fax: 03 9245 5827

Super contributions

Mercer Employer Portal

Mercer Employer Portal is a SuperStream compliant clearing house solution that allows you to make just one payment for all employees no matter what super fund they belong to.

Benefits include:

  • Simple clearing house solution making it ideal for employers of all sizes
  • Pay for default and choice contributions
  • Data can be submitted via payroll upload or on screen
  • Pay for contributions via direct credit (EFT)
  • It is free to use.

More information:

If you are an existing employer using MercerSpectrum

  • All Lutheran Super employers who currently use MercerSpectrum will be registered on Mercer Employer Portal on April 23 and their active employee details will be pre-loaded.  All new users will be sent a welcome email to the primary email address (from MercerSpectrum) with account activation steps, links to support materials and contact details.
  • For more information on how to complete your registration on Mercer Employer Portal and how to set up and use the system, access the training page here.
  • For support materials relating to Employer Portal, SAFF (Superstream contribution and member update file) and MercerSpectrum transition guides, access these here.
  • To access Mercer Employer Portal click here.

If you are a new employer

  • Register for Mercer Employer Portal here.

Employer Support:

If you have any Mercer Employer Portal questions or issues, please contact Employer Support at:

If you are an employer using QuickSuper

  • To access QuickSuper click here.

QuickSuper support contact details


Due to changing ATO legislation in relation to SuperStream, MercerSpectrum will be decommissioned on 30th June 2021.  You will need to be using Mercer Employer Portal or an alternative clearing house facility for all employee super payments from 1 July 2021.

For further information on the MercerSpectrum decommission and transitioning to your alternative online super solution, please refer to the previous communications sent to the email address recorded for your business under the ‘Employer’ section of MercerSpectrum after you have logged in.

To download you business’ contribution history prior to the closure of MercerSpectrum, please follow the steps outlined in this guide.

More information:

MercerSpectrum support contact details