Chairman's Update

Important information on the future of your fund


At our Annual Members Meeting in September 21, I provided our members with an awareness of the activity the Trustee was undertaking to investigate potential merger partners to ensure the continued success of the Fund for our members in a time when regulatory activity continues to put pressure on smaller funds.

I committed at the time to provide a quarterly update to keep our valuable members informed of our progress.

Since the Annual Members Meeting a shortlist of 3 great options were evaluated by the Trustee with members best interest for the future being the driving factor.

A preferred Fund has been selected and the Trustee is working through a robust process to assess this option and discussions are progressing well.

Based on the current timeline, its expected that an announcement will be available in February-March 22.

In the meantime, there is nothing you need to do. It is business as usual and the Trustees are working hard to continue to deliver great results. 

The Fund is in a position of strength with great returns, recently earning Lutheran Super a place in the top 10 performing funds over 5 years.